About Brass Monkey


Brass Monkey


Brass Monkey is a totally new way to play browser games using your phone as a controller!



It's really easy to set up, just download the free app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android), create your profile (which takes literally seconds on your phone) and you are ready to go. Find out more at www.playbrassmonkey.com.


One really neat feature that Brass Monkey allows is multiplayer games. We've all tried to play multiplayer games on one keyboard and we all know how difficult that is and how you can only really have 2 players maximum. Now you can play against your friends all using your own phone as your controller, with 4 or more of you battling it out!





So far we have set Firebug 2 up for Brass Monkey. Once you have installed the Brass Monkey app on your phone, just go and play Firebug 2 with the Brass Monkey app running on your phone to try it out!


Look out for more Brass Monkey enabled games in the new year.